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When your wife is your first client?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

When we started this conversation about the future my wife and I both realized some changes needed to take place. We already had seen major change the prior two years. Yet, more change was here. What I never anticipated was that my wife would be my client. I have always looked at our relationship just like most couples. We shared ideas, resources as needed and we collaborate on ideas all the time. This conversation we had took a turn that as I look back set us both on a new course together.

"Change is what you get when you go after something new"

When I told my bosses I was leaving and why, I remember the looks on their faces. How do you argue with a guy who is leaving to help his wife. They answered as you expect, "wow, that is admirable", "good for you, are you coming back", I would have to say it left them with no real comeback. They were great. A new chapter begins for Keith and Shannon Bennett.

"Nothing worth having comes without sacrifice"

We both decided that the things we felt needed to happen for both of our futures. We knew it would take all of our effort and combined talent. This was not a money decision for sure yet, money will always come into play. We have invested thousands already into this adventure. I was the one who had the additional set of skills to help my wife move forward in four key areas. podcasting (in audio and video), encourage for her to write, and I would compile, illustrate, help edit and have her books produced, video and produce training classes, and mentor her with what I know about social media. Shannon is an amazing midwife, and has a desire to see more Doulas and Midwives trained. She also has a heart to see more mamas have a "Once in a lifetime birth." So with our joint effort it is time for more people to meet Shannon Bennett the educator, author, influencer and hero for natural birth.

We have no sponsors, we can only pay our podcast guests with appreciation and coffee mugs with treats inside. The rewards have been many already!

"Life is a Journey that is best traveled not alone"

So on October 1st 2019 the journey began. As we spoke about the podcast and the direction she wanted to take it I discovered her passion and love for everything birth. The momas, the dads, the kids and the other people she meets. The common denominator it's all "More About Birth." She has connected with some amazing people and I have had a front row seat in her podcast as the producer to see and hear with my own eyes. The knowledge and passion these people bring to the topic is Awesome! We are just about to release podcast 10. comes out in a few days and we only started January 7th if you track back to Episode One. As her husband, friend and one of her greatest fans I felt it was time for her to be positioned to be heard. If you knew my wife you would understand what a stretch this adventure would be for her. Not because she does not understand the need but because she has never wanted to be a public figure. I believe they are the best people to take public. So this interview with her (unscripted) was high risk for me because I was launching my new business with my wife as my first client.

The Interview took place on a podcasting day when everything was set up and we had guests arriving in a little while. I asked my wife if we could sit down in front of the microphones and camera and talk about the journey. She said, "are you sure" I said, "yes." I want other potential clients to here her story. This is that interview. It's honest, transparent and the body language tells it all. Welcome to Life's Journey Productions the first client testimonial..... So far!


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