Podcasting & Live Streaming help.

Get started with your dream podcast or level up your current podcast. We help mentor for Live Streaming. We even come with all the podcast. audio, video streaming tools. We will also help you get started with your own tools. Both audio and video training available.  Pricing based on projects. Hands on mentoring available. We also help you produce your podcast from start to finish. 

Content Creation

Make amazing content for social media from your smartphone. We will help you understand the tools and the resources you have at your fingertips. Hands on classes and in the field training. How to host your videos as well as live social media events. We can work with your team or just an individual. Learn to shoot, edit and release all from as smart phone. 

Online Presence

Increase your online influence, expand your business and product reach today.  Learn to leverage social media. If it's a makeover or a social media launch. We will meet with you and your team and help you make the changes needed.  Hands on  mentoring for your team or group mentoring available.  If you need help with your web presence we have the team to help you. 

Photo/Video Production

 Let's get visual and creative with promotional and social media videos.  With stunning photos and  creative videos.  We have the lighting, video  and photography equipment for on location. Live Stream your event with our help or come in our studio. We will capture the videos and the photos that tell the story of your business.  Help you with when, where and how to share them. Together we will shine the light on your passion, team, talent and products. 

Life's Journey Productions 2021
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