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Podcast Help

Get started with your dream podcast or level up your current podcast. We help mentor for Live Streaming. We even come with all the podcast. audio, video streaming tools. We will also help you get started with your own tools. Both audio and video training available.  Pricing based on projects. Hands on mentoring available. We also help you produce your podcast from start to finish. 

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Online Presence Team Training

Increase your online influence, expand your business and product reach today.  Learn to leverage social media. If it's a makeover or a social media launch. We will meet with you and your team and help you make the changes needed.  Hands on mentoring for your team or group mentoring available.  If you need help with your web presence we have the team to help you.  Increase your teams training & multiply your online influence. The math is real!


Photo/Video Production

 Let's get visual and creative with promotional and social media videos.  With stunning photos and  creative videos.  We have the lighting, video  and photography equipment for on location. Live Stream your event with our help or come in our studio. We will capture the videos and the photos that tell the story of your business.  Help you with when, where and how to share them. Together we will shine the light on your passion, team, talent and products. 


Live Stream Consulting!

Are you Live Streaming for your Church, Channel, Podcast, Venue, or Business? Well we can help you get rolling as well as help you sort out some of the issues when going live. Check out our channel today for weekly tips Live Tuesday 4PM (PST) If you think we may be of some help reach out on our contact page for a free Zoom Consult. Also Subscribe to our mailing list on the Home Page today!

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Content Creation

Allow us to help you and your team take social media to the next level. Not only can we help you create great content we will also help you train your team. We are living in the midst of a social media media society and the businesses that embrace it and leverage social media are driving their businesses forward. We can help you cast vision, train your team and help you create content that represents you and your team.   

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Business Consulting

One of the things we love the most is helping small business grow through social media. We work with small busisnesses or personal brands. With one on one soclail media training as well as support through our retainer program. Do you need 3 hours of support or 12 hours each month. With a 90 Day minimum we work along side you as an woner to help establish your social media influince. Outr goal is to hellp you start growth naturaly then allow you to advertise as you see the need. Persoanl training and social media support at your leasure. 

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