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Updated: Feb 26

Well I went and did it. I created a getting started video because I needed this when I started using a Blackmagic Design ATEM MINI PRO myself back in 2020. So, I hope this helps you get started way faster than I was able to. If you need more help you can requist a free one hour Zoom consult and possibly sign up after for one of our Live Streaming / Podscasting Consulting Programs if you like how affordable it is. Just click the free consult link below and I will reach out as time is available!

I have the ATEM MINI PRO and two ATEM MINI EXTREME PRO ISOS. There are some things a like between these models and a bunch of new features and extra inputs and recording available in the EXTREME ISO.

I ctreated a getting started video because I needed this when I started using a Blackmagic Design ATEM MINI PRO in 2020.

What is a Blackmagic Design ATEM MINI PRO?

I'm glad you asked! It is a Broadcast Quality 1080P Video Switcher that can record as well as stream to the WEB on many social media platforms. With 4 HDMI Iputs, a still image Media Pool and a still player as well as an up stream Keyer with Luma/Chromo and Picture in Picture and a built in encoder you are ready to record your videos with multiple camera switching. Wait there is more like a down stream key perfect for titles and a complte two channel 3.5 mic/line input as well as control of lip sync (Frame delay). You have sound effects on each channel with EQ/GATE/COMPRESSOR/EXPANDER & LIMITOR You can aslo use the USB-C Port output to add it as a Web camera in your PC or MAC or use it to record to a SSD Drive. You even have scalling inside each of the inputs so that each of your cameras can send seperate video frame rates and resoltions up to 4K and it will scale them all to the same settings you set inside the free Control Software. You also have 6 levels of hH264 streaming and recording available so depending on how fast your internet upload speeds are you have a setting to help make it work smooth. Want a ultra High H264 Recording then set it to HyperDeck High and if you want to limit the upload satreaming size so you dont drop frames and have a choppy stream then set it to Streaming Low or Medium. So if you want to add more than one camera to your ZOOM Meetings or other apllications or just have it to record multi camera podcasts or uploading social media videos. Gamers will be happy to know you have a high Speed low latency Video One input for your game monitor and a Chromo Keyer built in to place your self down on the lower part of the stream for your gaming channel.

I hope you enjoy this getting started video and you consider Subscribing to my We page and My YouTube Channel.

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