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Stream Deck+ an Amazing Tool

I have the Stream Deck XL from Elgato but when they decided to change the landscape of the Stream Deck with this new Stream Deck+ version, many video producers, live production studios, gamers and live streamers stood up and paid attention. So much so that after a short time on the fence I decided it is was a perfect addition to my studio.

What is the BIG Deal?

Well, it adds some great new features to the already popular Stream Deck button only series...

  • a touch LCD screen,

  • larger buttons

  • as well as dials.

  • Also each of the dials can be used to change what they call 'stacks'.

These stacks allow you to add a number of features available with a press of the dial. Stacks are the perfect name because they stack on each other. So with the addition of dials for controlling features in your studio from an EQ to scrolling as well as the ability to scrub forward and back on video time line while editing a video, it is a great tool to speed up editing and to help you automate your studio.

With these new 4 dials you can even use them with the free WAVE Link software. The advantage of these two tools combined is now you can control all your volumes for your Zoom meetings Like your computer speakers, game streaming and even your headphone and live mix. Now you do not have to use a buttons to change the brightness of a Elgato Key Light now just turn the dial.

The larger eight buttons are great as well. Larger in this reagrd is better.

I also love the swipe feature on the LCD screen. What? yeas, now I don't have to use up buttons to go forward or back on pages I just swipe right or left to go back.

From Elgato:

Adjust volume levels, image details, camera zoom, brightness, white balance — any incremental app settings. Push to cycle through dial actions.

Finale thoughts?

I am so impressed with this new Stream Deck+ I have spent well over 50 hours hours creating a series on it. Also, I am live each Tuesday at 4PM (PST) to cover the world of live streaming technology and much much more.

I even have a set of profile pages by Sideshowfx so I can edit faster in Premier Pro.... Check out this new tool in the series of videos below!

New Colors available Now!

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