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SEO stands for what? Why should I care?

The people who are looking for you and your business can't find you. Are you lost or are they? Why can’t they find you? It could be because your business is missing some basics things that like bread crumbs guide the search.

Let's start with these three letters SEO. The S in SEO stands for “search” and that is exactly what we do when we are looking for something. It starts like this, you type in a name, a service, or better yet you speak to Siri or Alexa “pizza restaurants near me” What determines the results? The results come from the next letter “E” in SEO. That letter stands for "engine." These are simple terms we all understand. A car without an engine does not move and if it has an engine but no wheels well, you get the point. So as you type in a word it looks for relevant options in the search engine. The web “search engine” looks for that service, name or word and if the all the parts and pieces are there for your business it may find you. See this engine needs help. If your business info is old and out of date and you have no reviews then it’s hard to find you. If there are photos but no key words or descriptions associated with them then it's a photo of what or who? How would a search engine know who or what the photos is talking about? Let's move on to the “O” that stands for optimization and that is the step that many businesses are NOT doing. The Webster definition of optimization is: an act, process, or methodology of making something (such as a design, system, or decision) as fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible. So what does that have to do with finding you and your business on the world wide web. Well it's like connecting the dots when I was a kid. I could not tell what the picture was until I drew the lines that brought all those dots together into a clear picture well in a crude sort of way, yes. Well that's very much the same for a Search Engine. You have to connect the dots. That's why Google Business pages has these basic foundational pieces available for each and every business. It's starts with a card in the mail so that you can claim your business and turn on these features. Google wants to make sure you and your business are who you say you are. You can pay for what is called “SEO optimization” or you may want to start understanding the basics before you pay. How about taking your own steps to get your Google Business page set up and optimized. From the correct hours, location, services, photos, and adding your web page. You write blogs on your Google Business Page and those blogs have your name, your business name and the services your provide all neatly packed inside them. The power of blogs today is substantial. When they are related to your services and and at the same time they help educate your present and future clients they are priceless. In today's social media landscape they hit all the boxes. They are like reviews, If no one eats at your restaurant then Google will not most likely share your restaurants information. So you missed the people that are looking for a restaurant like yours. They want good Chinese food and they are searching right now for some in your city but oops your business is no place to be found. They just drive right by. But you may get a hit on the blog your wrote about local Chinese restaurants in your city. It's very much like the foundations of a house. Once each stone is in place you can build a social media machine that finds you, your services and your knowledge at the same time. Your Google Business page is one stone for your business? Can you you think of any other ways people can find you.

So SEO is a term everyone who wants their business to be seen and heard needs to understanding. Once you have a basic understanding you start optimization on the World Wide Web. If your in the business to provide products or services then what happens online is changing the game for you or not.

But when I search on my computer or phone it finds me all the time?

One finale thought. what happens when you search the same word I search. Sometimes something entirely different. My computer already knows when I type in Life's Journey Productions that it's my web site or my Facebook page I'm looking to log into again to post something or start a Live Stream. So, just to be safe, Google display these results. Google will also include any competition or advertisements paid for to seek the same clients. This surprises many of the people I work with. They are surprised I can not find them on the Web because it pops right up when they search for their business. HUM.... I wonder why?

The fact of the matter is this. People are shopping online these days as well as looking for the products, services and resources they need. It would be a shame for them to miss you when they are searching. If you would like more info on how to start getting seen and heard online then contact us today for a free consult. Your online influence begins with you. Are you looking for a a mentor to teach the tools to launch your business to the next level? Then Life's Journey Productions is the answer for you!

For more information about SEO read this article from Google:

Life’s Journey Productions could be of help!

pictured is the Mobile RV Guy Benton City RV Mobile Repair Service.

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