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I purchased the ATEM MINI PRO for five key reasons and it's changed everything!

  1. Ease of use and seamless integration. It will detect any signal that you put in the the four HDMI inputs, with the the software and the integrated tools inside for recording and rendering video it's the best value. This is a compact easy to get started Live Streaming Tool. You can hook it to your network and stream from it without a PC. It does have a few limitations but for the price it's still feature packed. Not only does it have stream engine built in it also as an encoder for the heavy CPU lifting. You can record to an external drive as you stream an event or just for video production Live for finale editing and release later. With the 1080P recording ability you have a higher resolution for latter release on platforms like Facebook that does not Stream at 1080P.

  2. I wanted to move away from OBS as powerful as this free program is I needed a way to not be so computer strapped and it answered 90% of my needs.

  3. Mobile Streaming for events and out of the studio Streams and recording events. Now the NEW ATEM MINI ISO allows you to record all the inputs and not just the Program and will allow you to use Davinci Resolve to re edit after your LIVE EVENT/ Make a mistake in the LIVE and Fix it in the recorded version if needed.

  4. It solved some key issues I was having with computer based streaming and recording. I can now stream and record at the same time without using any of my computer CPU and I can more easily switch from sources in the Live Stream with way less set up time.

  5. The ATEM MINI PRO is a better solution for the audio side of all events with the Program View you have a better visual understanding of your audio, your stream health as well as recording time available on your disk.

  6. Yet there was a bonus feature I did not expect and that was how well it works with applications Like ZOOM and other streaming software. You plugin the USB C cable and your software will recognize the ATEM mini as a Web camera.

So as you can now see it works great with my Rodcaster Pro my Stream Deck. If I could have one thing on my wish list for future versions is another Downstream Keyer and the ability to drag and drop video clips and not just still images. I currently added the Hyperdeck Mini by black magic to allow me to play videos as well as animated graphics with an alpha channel. visit our YouTube Channel for future Videos on the ATEM MINI Pro and soon we will be adding the ATEM MINI ISO as well.

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