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HyperDeck StudioHD Plus by Blackmagic Design Series

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

The HyperDecks by Blackmagic Design have been around for many years. If you are not familiar with their purpose and function then let me share a bit of my passion for this product. I had the honor to work in broadcasting for a season and we in those days (27 years back) used tape machines with VHS tape to broadcast an intro, special segement, even shows on a local TV Stations. Now days we have gone to digital media and these HyperDecks replace those larger VHS decks for playback, recording, editing and now they add motion graphics for broadcast. This new line of HyperDecks by Blackmagic Design released in 2021 take the HyperDeck in HD and 4K to the next levil. If you want an actual deck with real buttons and a jog wheel that you can touch then perhaps this is what you have been lookingh for.

This is a five part series with some Bonus Videos in 2022 so I hope it helps!


Lesson One: Unboxing the New HyperDeck Studio HD PLus and a look at What's New with my HyperDeck Studio Mini parked right next to it.


Lesson Two: Setting Up the HyperDeck to Play Animated Graphics play some special effects and tak control of the HyperDeck with the Blackmagic Design Control Software. How do you plug it into you video switcher and more

Lesson Three: In this video we look at the new ways to monitor from the HyperDeck Studio HD Plus, the new info available in the added SDI monitor out. Then we will look at how to record and what the new added HDMI input can do. We will also run the old and new HyperDecks together and compare the ProRes recording inside to the HyperDeck High Codec available inside the ATEM Switchers.

Lesson Four: Let's Get Automated or should it be Animated? We will look at settting the HyperDeck up with a Macro in the Blackmagic Design Control Software (got to Love Macros...(NOT), as well as using the Stream Deck with Companion by Bitfocus to control the HyperDecks and even some new fetures available to run MixEffect from Companion. I hope this helps you get started with your HyperDeck Studio HD Plus. Also the continued value of more than one Hyperdeck and keepingh you old HyperDeck Studio Mini if you have one.

Lesson Five: We take a look at the Elgato Stream Deck Mobile application with Companion by Bitfocus as well as MixEffect. This video will give insight into controlling the HyperDeck remotely with a mobile device. This is great for "Live Events" as well as in Studio Recording" as well as on location at events or venues. .

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