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DJI does not just make drones they make two amazing cameras and now DJI Action can Stream Live.

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

I am very excited to share a Live Video just after shooting it LIVE on YouTube. Yes with the new firmware update for the DJI Action Camera. It's already an amazing camera that shoots up to 4K video and has amazing built in features like their "Rock Steady" that creates amazing stable footage. Now with their new firmware update and the updated version of the DJI MEMO Application for your phone and a couple streaming steps you can stream LIVE on Facebook and YouTube. This is an amazing moment for DJI and their Action Camera now that we have the option to stream live. To learn more check out my videos releasing in May. This is just one tool you can learn to use from our Team at Life's Journey Production.

Check out the videos on our Resource Page and Visit our YouTube Channel.

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