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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

I have been in and around both the business world and church world over the past 40 years and I have been in many situations that the equipment like this ATEM STREAMING BRIDGE, the ATEM MINI PRO and the ATEM MINI ISO Video Switchers would have been the perfect solution. When you you need to record, project and stream you need a solution that can do it all. With these new products created by Australian Blackmagic Design you and I have a new affordable TV/VIDEO PRODUCTION equipment option. THIS BRIDGE does one important amazing thing three ways: Stream through ethernet from your switcher to a monitor, projector or even to another ATEM Studio or TV station. The question once you DIVE in with these products are they "cutting edge" technology. Will they help us make the 2020 needed now with all the changes we are facing. I will try to answer these questions in the next 45 days! Let's start with an in studio test of the Streaming Bridge, the latency when you stream inside your network from the ATEM MINI PRO to the ATEM STREAMING BRIDGE.

Three things you need to Know:

  1. These new tools do have a bit of a learning curve.

  2. They have LIMITS but are cutting edge agt a consumer level.

  3. 3. They will help open new possibilities for Streaming, Training and New Systems of Communications.

I am creating a video series in December on three Tools by Blackmagic Design:

ATEM MINI PRO & THE CONTROL SOFTWARE, ATEM STREAMING BRIDGE and HYPERDECK MINI. Subscribe today and save precious hours and dollars.

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Blackmagic design for their ingenuity and for continuing to create affordable solutions . These same solutions would have cost $10,000 20 years ago. I have one in my hand and I wanted to put it to the test. Check out the Unboxing video and out test inside LIfe's Journey Studio. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel today!

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