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When is enough, enough?

Social media could consume your every moment, clicks, tweets, likes, views, shares, messages and more. When is it enough? That’s is the question that is being asked by millions of people in our world. I would like to give you a simple formula for social media.

1. Have a plan: Social media is just like every other social event you have in your life and those other events are scheduled. I’m a firm believer in setting time to respond and post. Alerts are great to let you know something is going down in socia media town but unless it is an Amber Alert then ignore it. I know easier said than done!

2. Creative Time: I love to create and I like to set a time of day to play the create game. It goes like this. I’m going out for my walk and I look for something to share or a moment. I have my phone and I have honed my photo and video smartphone skills. I don’t always work on the photos or videos but I don’t miss the shot. I have a time each day to create and I enjoy those times. Those captured moments are there on my phone when I‘m ready.

3. Step Away when you have no ideas and no passion left to share on social media. I believe it’s time to refresh you! This is when I don’t create at all. I may or may not read others creative posts in these seasons. I always go and find those recharging stations. It could be a thing to do like a project around the house or places to go but it’s a purpose driven time to get filled up. I have a number of things that work for me. Read, play a pc game (rare these days), research, go to a movie, meet a friend for coffee and talk life and yes, even cook something comforting! I even sometimes go see my old work family who I love dearly........🤗

4. AIM First shoot after: I like to have a purpose with what I do on social media. This is a bigy and a reason I heard one person say a out it that it was “a time consuming, life sucking waste of time“ for them maybe yes! It’s like every other tool that you have at your fingertips. You can take a hammer and beat holes in the walls of your house or you can use it to build something. I’d rather build something. Social media is a tool that you can learn to use. If you so learn you May just soar to a new place. Business, social issues, creativity and influence to only name a few of over a hundred things it can do for you. If not more.

5. Enough is one of those words we have had permeating society for ever. Somethings are good is small quantities and if your not careful you could get in trouble. This idea in my opinion is not applicable to social media at all. It is you being social and that’s very important in society as a hole. The debate is can you do that on a phone, or a computer? The answer is a resounding yes. You should and the more you share the more they will connect with you. This does not mean that what you share is not as important. The question is will you hide behind the application on your computer or phone? It seems hiding from people and deep relationships is the real problem we have today. Social media has helped people come out of their shell. In fact you can hide naked behind a Bush from God if you want because that’s been done before but please don’t blame the bush.. If there is enough of something it’s hiding your wonderful face! Like mister ROGERS said over and over on public TV “Your special!“

Let’s be social and please let us see your face, creativity and hear your thoughts.

6. Don’t be a social abuser. Why would you be mean, rant, attack, stock and berate someone else. If it’s a topic that you have an opinion on share it. But please be respectful. Let us not use one more amazing creative tool in our wonderful world to tear someone down when we can build each other up! That’s all I have to say on that topic and I had enough a long time ago with people like that.

Yes it’s a hot topic and if you read this you probably have wondered some of the same things about this social tool. Let’s all grab it with a heart of thankfulness and reach out to someone today and like something for a change, join a group, blog something good, take a picture of our special face and post it!

You Are Special!

You need to hear this:

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