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Tools for Home Studios and Video Meetings

As you know so much has changed in the world as it pertains to home meetings via Live Video. More people are live on video today than ever imagined with classes, business meetings, social events, services, conferences and staff meeting. What are the basics needed to do this from home or from an office?

1. Computer/phone/laptop/ or some streaming device access to apps or software.

2. Camera if it's a webcam, dslr, video camera or even use your smartphone.

3. Lighting is crucial for home studios as well.

4. Audio for hearing and for speaking. Headphones or speakers that do not create feedback as well as a quality microphone. 5. A location so that you can participate without distraction and you are not distracting those on the event.

6. Other tools as well are needed for gaming/Live Event Streams as well and home teaching and training events online.

7. Internet or online access from your smartphone or home network.

One tool I use in my home studio and now my son Bryson as well for his home classroom/gaming setup is a LED Light by ELgato. We both have a Stream Deck by Elgato to control devices and launch things with a single button push. The Elgato Lights are crucial to help us be seen with good light for all online events. Yes, there is "good" and "bad light", "soft and hard light". Many people call me via video and have a bright window behind them and that is a bad location for window light. So learning to use these tools and know what you need is crucial today. We are doing are best to share the what and how both online as well as in person or video call.

For more tools, tips and for our help contact us at or Subscribe and learn with us on our YouTube channel:

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