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Three Generations of Canon Cameras and my thoughts!

I purchased my first Canon DSLR years ago now and since then three cameras later I learned a bit about them. I also have 7 lenses in my kit ranging from a 16-35 Zoom lens up to my 70-200mm F2.8 L Zoom with a a few other zooms and primes in the middle. Time and Testing will teach you a lot and I have been able to test them in more ways than one. From landscape photos, content creation, videography, live streaming and more. in 2020 I even joined the mirrorless revolution. Canon has lead the industry and at times not so much... They even have now gone from mirrored DSLRs to mirrorless. Their top notch lenses are changing as well lenses. So In this video I share some thoughts and what I have learned! Consider Subscribing to the channel on YouTube. You can see video footage from my Canon EOS R Mirrorless Canon Camera, mhy 5D Mark IV as well as the age old Canon 5D Mark III.

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