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Should my business have a Promo Video?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

It's the question businesses should be asking. Is it time to care about a promo video? I'm a firm believer in the power of video. It's a powerful tool to get your message heard, your products seen and the problems your business solves.

Let's take a look at three things a promo video does very well.

One: A promo video gives you a chance to make your message clear both verbally and visually. A promo video helps you focus in on what you offer and the problems you or your products solve. It adds huge value to all your hard work. To provides you with a platform to showcase people you have impacted by your products and services. That's in itself rewarding.

Two: Words are lonely without the faces that form them. People notice when your eyes light up and they experience the twinkle in your eyes. Those moments can't be replaced with a billboard on the highway. When we see and hear others who are satisfied clients it moves us to become clients.

Three: It is more than one tool. You can pull still images that reflect moments in the promo video for social media. These stills as well as short video moments provide great conversion tools on your web page and help to convert clients. A single video becomes a tool box and a building block for the future. I have clients that are motivated by listening to the stories. I get get molved as well as I create these videos together with them.

Take your elevator pitch to the top floor!

If your at all like me you have heard the elevator pitch conversation before? Yet, why an elevator? Just how many of us end up with our future clients in one? If we do how effective are those best pitches. Rarely does the music reflect what we provide or do. A video can be consumed by thousands times more and the right music helps move the story along with the listener. Once the elevator doors close their is no time to get out the powerpoint. The music, smiles, real life stories all make for a far more concise ride. Yes, the elevator principles still apply in many ways just the video will Increasing your floor to floor influence a hundred times over.

(Cisco) says by 2023 online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — thats 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video (Insivia) said and reading text they comprehend only10%.

(HubSpot) will tell you that 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day.

Promo Videos today does for business what the "Music Videos" did for to MTV August 1st, 1981.

So what's the first step?

First you need to get your voice out there and start to use video to attract, educate, inform and expand your audience. Then use videos to generate more great prospects and convert them into clients. Once you educate people about the issues and you present solutions, then you have earned a special right to share videos and testimonials that explain the products or services you offer to help.

The ever changing video tool landscape we are in today!

Today it's all changed. Video tool innovation is growing beyond fast. Even today Canon stood on the innovation stage with the EOS R5 Mirrorless camera. Also with our current world health challenges more people have learned to Zoom, Stream, Go Live all in a new video filled world. In a matter of 7 months these tools have become essential at the highest level. Video will never replace the human touch or change the need for great customer service but it's replacing billboards, posters, yard signs, and impacting more and more as a mainstream business tool.

So, yes I believe video and it's huge importance for business . I am an ambassador for the business use of video for sure. Please take a moment to view this promo video link bellow. Yes, parts of this were shot on smartphones as well as a Canon DSLR camera. It's important to me and my clients that these tools are all combined to complete what I believe demonstrates the current state of video production.

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