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Setting up a home or business production studio:

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Questions you should ask and answer before setting

2020 Home Production Studio

Setting up a Home or Business Video Production Studio.

There are some things you will need to decide before you get started with your home studio or business production studio. After building four studios over the last 15 years I have learned a few things I would love to pass on. Questions to ask before you get to deep down the road.

1. What’s the purpose of the Studio.

2. How much room do your truly need.

3. Are you planning to have guests with you in the studio live or on video or both?

4. How much power do you have available.

5. What noise will you be dealing in this space and outside.

6. Budget and timeline.

7. Do you need help with the conversion or are you a do it yourself person.

8. Will you be needing fast internet connection to live stream.

9. Where is your internet hub in the house and will you need a router inside the room

10. What about air and heat will it need help with new use and new equipment.

11. Is there a need for sound proofing and Sound dampening.

12. What about a laptop or PC for editing. Do you have one available is it capable to do the job.

13. Video editing software needed as well as graphics and still photo editing.

14. Storage for equipment and for the large digital files you will have from footage.

15. Audio for video: will you need a live mixing console for multiple guests, headphones or will you use a computer interface?

16. How will you deliver the end results? Social media, DVD/ BLUE RAY Disk or digital delivery.

17. Are you going to need mobile tools as well for remote shoots? Will you need a mobile kit.

18. Will you be using multiple cameras for live streaming as well as are you wanting to stream at the same time to multiple locations?

19. Impact on the family. Privacy as well as safety. 20. Lighting in the room and windows will you need lights

21. Training needed in: video production, sound production, video editing, audio editing, graphic design, live streaming, live video production, web page and social media design, social media content creation, social media advertising, interviewing skills, sound dampening, sound proofing and camera skills. Also what about planning and execution of your short and long term goals.

In Review: You can build over time or all at once. You can start small or go BiG. You can actually start being mobile and even use many tools you already have. You can even get great quality for your smartphone. You will need a coach along the way. You can go it alone or you can start your Journey with us! Allow our experience to save you TIME, HEARTACHE and MONEY. Plus we will steward your dream because mentoring and coaching is what we do best.

Life’s Journey Productions can help!

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