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Rode PodMic, Rode NTG 3 Shotgun and Sure SM7B Comparison

We all have been on both sides of a microphone and some of us are using them all the time in this new age of Zoom, Meetings and school online. More people are streaming and in need of microphone choices. Well these are three microphones I use all the time and they represent three types of microphones as well as other features. One proves that you can get a great sounding microphone for $99.00 US. The other two are great sounding as well but are they worth the price tag. Today we will look at the famous voice microphone the Sure SM7b that many radio DJ's, Music Artists, YouTubers and even Podcasters have picked as their go to microphone. Let's listen to them side by side and look at what they offer and how to uses a shotgun microphone. At Life's Journey Productions we have uses for each of these and they all work great. We hope this video helps you. Visit our web page and YouTube channel for more videos and blogs just like this!

and some of the special uses and needs. From

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