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Remote Live Streaming?

Video is great at capturing your audiances attention and it performs even better when done at great locations.

This is not my first LIVE STREAM remote. I was called on to do these remote live streams for my former employer. In this video I'm live on my own YouTube channel in front of the Falcon at Disneyland's new Galaxy's Edge. I may have enjoyed this Live stream more than countless others I have done for Star Wars reasons. It was a short update and helped remind me the value of a on location Live Stream.

Live Streaming in todays world is an artform and I believe an effective way to draw in your clients who have liked and responded to you on Social Media. You can also use short Live Streams like this one as an introduction to new potential clients.

When I travel outside the studio and "go live" I use my iPhone and a Rode Lav+ Microphone that plugs directly into my iPhone and then clips on my lapel. Now Rode has a new tool that will help me have a guest as well on a microphone. That microphone can be a TRRS 3.5 jack or a TRS 3.5 jack and thats a huge plus for those of us that have both types. This New Rode AI-Micro has some amazing features.I'm very excited to put it through it's paces.

Because there are those times I need to add a guest and I don't want to share the same microphone or pin it to my shoulder like I have many times before. Just so my guest and I can use the same lapel microphine and have equal volume. With this new tool I can use two Rode lapel microphones. Or I can plug in my wirless system meant for camera and record to my Ipad, Iphone, smart phone or even a PC or MAC. The AI MICRO will work with the Rode LAV+, Lav Go and Wireless Go systems. With Rode's new Conect software how can you not get excited about what you can do with a PHONE or Tablet.

You will be amazed at the extra feature built in the Mac and PC versions of the software. It is a game changer and one of the many tools we use at Life's Journey Productions. Call us today for a free consult and get your remote audio and live stream going!

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