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NiceFoto Parabolic Softbox with Grid

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

When you start your search for softboxes "buyer beware."

What you see online is not always what you get. When you go for a cheap softbox you can get some bad quality and very complicated rods with hassel filled install. Trust me I know I had some I sent back to Paul C Buff for the Pro versions. Not all soft boxes are the same. I like the NiceFoto 37 inch Parabolic Softbox.. It's considered a deep Parabolic and that provides some advantages. The depth helps you direct the light with less spill as well as the grid (honeycomb grid included). Together you have even more control. My Softbox came with a b

owens mount and works perfect with my Godox UL150 LED lights in my studio.

I purchased two of these and the light is soft and very even from this softbox. They go together fast as you will see in the video overview. Just push a button on each rod on around the ring add the diffusion and grid and presto. Then reverse it and slip it into the provided soft bag. I did a bunch of research and I want to share the results. So far after a number of months I am pleased with the great quality and the fact I saved on these less expensive (than the competition) Pro Softboxes. They also offered a honeycomb grid and a bag for portability. Two layers of diffusion and the inner diffusion has an extra layer to dim the hotspot at the center of the light. For more information and an inside look at the 37" Parabolic Softbox by NiceFoto check out this full Overview.

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