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MixEffect application Interview with Adam Tow, the Mastermind behind the magic.

Not only did I enjoy hitting 500 Subscribers today (Thank you YOUTUBE Family! I also was honored to interview Adam Tow who designed a new application for Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers. If you do not know what an ATEM MIxer is please check out this link:

I was surprised tonight in our interview to hear him say it a complete control software ground up mobile application. It's supercharged for sure and It has hit the Apple Store this week. The MixEffect basic version is free with many features and the a Pro Version is a one time unlock fee. Upgrade to Pro and then unlock all the amazing features and then you have access to everything.

After tonight's interview with Adam complete with a demo on May 11th 4:00 PM Adam Tow reached out to me to let me know his update is now available 1.0.2 is out tonight. It has even more amazing features. He talked about a few of them in the LIVE EVENT.

What's is this application all about? Well if you want to lose the Control Software and be able to run the ATEMS from your SmartPhone or your Ipad you now have the chance. Not only that but the application makes some of the coolest features way easier. One is SuperSource and that feature allows you to move 4 boxes around the screen as well as add any source to those boxes (like your camera, desktop, video source, as well as stills from your media pool.) So imagine your picture on the left and your powerpoint on the right. How about you and three guests. The artist playing in the right frame and the lyrics on the left.

MIxEffect allows you to control resize and assign inputs very easy with you finger or a apple pencil. Now you can mix from anywhere in the room front of stage or back by the cameras. Need to change a ssd card in a camera? Now you can take the mixing console with you on your phone or Ipad. I hope you will Subscribe to the channel and be a part of future LIVE Streams as well as video uploads. Check out the application MixEffect and Mixeffect Pro

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