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Manfrotto Autopole 2

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

When you step over to the production side of the line you will have some decisions to make as well as lot's of tools to choose from. With School having home "Live Classes" as well as Business people moving to safe home offices many things are changing. Home offices as well as small business are looking for new creative ideas. If you hang around me for any time you will hear this, "great video needs great lighting." So tools like light stands, tripods, LED Lights for on camera, Studio Lights, Soft Boxes and Ring Lights are a common need these days. These tools have been around for years and they come in many different shapes, uses and sizes. You may be a Production Guru and would say there are way more tools for lighting video and even photography specific tools and I would agree holeheratly. In fact stores like BEST BUY have expanded their entire line of home video production tools to add ring lights, smartphone microphone solutions as well as even new options for mounting lights. In my home production studio I have two Godox UL150 LED Lights with Softboxes mounted on the ceiling right now. You would think two lights in this small room is plenty with my track lighting as well. But I have more than one set in my home studio. One day I will be at a Table with one to three people,, the next day in our chair set. The other challenge is that we shoot from four different angles. So what would work best for me would be a way to get all the light stands, power cords off the floor as well as give me a mobile camera mounting platform for over my head.

That's when the Manfrotto Autopole 2 come in. It is the perfect solution for me. They make a Autople thats expands to 12'1" and that will reach from wall to wall and with my 9ft ceilings It's perfect for my Two GVM LED Lights. (Now my disclaimer is they do not recommend it for overhead mounting but my experience is with limited weight it's fine). In fact I did an overview video of this new Autopole 2 tool for my studio in October because I want others who have the same need to be able to have the education and questions answered they need. It's a great option. You can still use this pole from floor to ceiling and used that way it is a great way to mount a close up camera for table work as well as a fill light for your production. They also have a two Autopole 2 Kit that allows you to have a mobile solution for paper backgrounds. You can find all those tool links on my YouTube Channel.

Perhaps the Autopole 2 by Manfrotto is the perfect tool you have been looking for. Check out my YOUTUBE CHANNEL and SUBSCRIBE for videos and other tools for your Video Production Needs. I have other videos on other tools coming out each week now and soon will host some LIVE Q & A's on YouTube as well about topics like: ZOOM, LIVE STREAMING in Studio, Photography tools, Video Production, Editing, Audio for Video and Live Streaming and much much more. I hope you will subscribe to mhy resource page as well as my YouTube Channel. We are on Facebook and Twitter. If you are in the Northwest and need some help we offer a Free Consult.

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