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Light for video why not? Let there be Light!

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

When I decided I wanted to take photography serious and understand it in order to become way better at it and be able to mentor others in changed everything. I was already neck deep in video and photography by this time but I only knew enough about it to understand I was in many ways lost. Investing in a good smartphone, then video camera and then a DSLR.

One of the first lessons I took was all about Light. It was on and my teacher was Ben Long. It opened my eyes to the simple fact that every picture if it's a single still photo or 24 moving still frames a second(video) it's about capturing light. What I realized then was this class was putting all my work under a stronger foundation that would make things so much more clear. At that time I was already using a smartphone for photography and shooting video as well with it and I already was producing videos with a Panasonic HMC150 and using Adobe Premiere Pro for editing. Because I already understood sound I was using a Rode NTG3 shotgun microphone and my sound was great. Yet, once I realized that great video was more than a great camera and a great microphone it was also GREAT LIGHT thern from that moment on I was on the journey to understand lighting.

Everyone who likes to capture their world this way for fun or like me are diving headlong into becoming top notch videographer and photographer the tools are numerous. From natural light that comes through a window to daylight under sun. When we study light we learn how to stop light down, reflect it, warm it up and even cool it down. We even need to learn to flag it out, soften it and sue it to create depth in a shot why at the same time we make our subject's face look great. From types of light to the tools used to manipulate, direct and tame it. These are just the beginnings of this light conversation.

One possible tool is this Godox Light for video because it's LED and stays relatively cool and this one is silent. It's not like most other lights this bright because it uses a heat sink and has no fan noise. If you are set up in a small space and want to keep the noise down like in my new small production studio it is perfect. I own two of them. Then once you add a softbox like the ones I use by NiceFoto with a grid it make you look amazing. So to learn more about Light Subscribe to our YouTube Channel were I will be soon releasing a series Called "Let there be Light!" Check out the unboxing video on the Godox UL150 LED Video Light: this is just the beginning.

Amazon link to NiceFoto Softbox:

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