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I can't imagine what the LIVE STREAMING WORLD will look like one year from today. It's April 10th, 2021 today. What's true already in 2021 is there are so many new tools, resources at amazing lower prices for amazing Live Streaming and Video Production. For this past ten months I have been using a number of these tools, like the Blackmagic Design ATEM MINI PRO and the HYPERDECK MINI and that's just the start. Now I have in my hands this new tool and I am wondering just how BIG a GAME CHANGER it's going to be?

The facts are: a STUDIO, PRODUCTION COMPANY, LIVE VENUE , BUSINESS, CHURCH, and SCHOOL can own a Switcher that combines features that would have cost them $3,000 to $5,000 for less than $1,450.00.

The center of live video production is a switching consoles ... the ATEM MINI EXTREME for under $1,100.00 and the Blackmagic Design ATEM MINI EXTREME PRO ISO for Under $1,450.00 changes the game. So if you need more that 3-4 Video Inputs these could be the right choice for your venue.


Both the ATEM EXTREME and the EXTREME ISO switchers offer 8 HDMI inputs, built in Video Encoding, the ability to Live Streaming through Ethernet, Recording to a hard drive, two HDMI and Two USB C outputs, Supersource and built is Blackmagic Design Camera Control, plus two Media Pools. That's not all....they added a Routing Matrix for the DVE's and 6 programmable Macro Buttons (to automate a number of changes) and each channel has buttons for camera control. The Four Upstream Keys and Two Downstream Keys will add some depth In fact the more expensive video mixing consoles can't stand up against these two devices and their features until you get to the 7-10K mark. Add ISO recording to the EXTREME ISO now you can control the ability to have a recording of every HDMI input . If you choose to record 4k or 6k in your Blackmagic Design Cameras you can then mix it down latter using that recorded in camera 4k or 6k Footage. Think about it... Record in the ATEM MINI EXTREME ISO and in the BMD Cinema Cameras, the URSA Cinema Cameras and then take the created file into Davinci Resolve Software Video Editing Software and change your 1080P Live Event into a 4k or 6K finale version without having to do another edit. If you want to make some changes to the Live Version and then render it out.

It makes me wonder if Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6k Pro cameras are what's next for our Studio?

If you have Canon Cameras like I do, Sony or another brand you can still remix the recorded 1080p files from the encoded footage in Davinci Resolve latter to fix any live mixing mistakes.

Last JUNE I purchased the ATEM MINI PRO by Blackmagic Design and started using it in June 2020. It was a game changer and still is. It allowed for 4 HDMI inputs and 1080p video encoding, recording via usb c to a SSD Drive, live streaming via ethernet, a HDMI Multi View out and a upstream and downstream keys. You could also store images, stills, and lower thirds the included media pool. So what if you want to take your LIVE STREAM game to the next level? We can help, you can get one on one with us through ZOOM or Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for weekly free video content. If you want to reach us Subscribe Here:

Check out this ATEM MINI EXTREME ISO Unboxing Video shot April 10th 2021 LIVE from my Home Studio. Check out our Weekly Tuesday LIVE STREAMS on YOUTUBE. LIVE Q&A as well as each week I will share what we are learning about and using in the LIve Studio and Mobile Video Production. We don't ignore lighting, Photography as well as some of the other tools that go with and around these tools.

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