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HyperDeck Studio Mini Quiet Fan Install

The HyperDeck Studio Mini by Blackmagic Design has been around for some time now and for whatever reason after all these years of making these they have never updated the fan? The fan is loud...

In fact having one of these on your desk for video playback, animated graphics and video recording was not fun. They are both amazing and loud at the same time. Now they have announced and NEW series of HyperDecks and in those "fixed this loud fan issue" but what about the thousands of us who have these? Well because many do not want to risk voiding their warranty or even worse do this upgrade wrong they have lived with it just like me...... Not any longer. It's a great tool and I own the New version now, the HyperDeck Studio HD Plus but this is still a great tool and very much needed. So I have taken the leap....

Check out this video as I upgrade my 16-month-old HyperDeck with Silent Fan and well the other one is going into a silent plastic container for bad behavior

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