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Hyperdeck Mini Series

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

The Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck Mini is a tool that has been around for a while now> With all the LIFE change we have experienced increasing LIVE VIDEO Meetings, Streams, Concerts, Weddings, Funerals, Services, Classrooms it now even more important.

Video Production Manufactures like Blackmagic Design have advanced affordable tools in the past 24 months beyond what was available. With the release of the ATEM MINI EXTREME and EXTREME ISO as well as the lower prices for the ATEM MINI PRO and ATEM MINI ISO everything has changed. The release of these affordable and powerful video mixing/broadcasting tools has made the the ATEM Switchers show up in home studios, business offices, concert venues, live streamers, venues for rent, churches, podcasting companies and more.

This and other videos as well as my weekly Live Stream on Tuesday feature Blackmagic Design tools for their video production and many other tools. This series will helps my clients, people all over YouTube as well as anyone searching for Hyperdeck Mini help. This is a step by step lesson on the Hyperdeck Mini by Blackmagic Design as well as how to integrate with the ATEM Video Mixers, Blackmagic Control Software. This series will be released from May 25th through June 4th 2021. Once all six lessons are live on YouTube and my web page I will be providing other lessons on Live Streaming and Video Production Tool.


On June 8th we will record a Hyperdeck Mini Bonus Video why I'm Live at 4:00 PM. It will feature some live Q & A that will be included in the Bonus Video. That segment as well as the Live Stream entire video will be available on my YouTube Channel. I hope you will join us or go back and check them both out if you heard to late to join me that Tuesday Live. showing a break down of using the HyperDeck as another Video Camera Source, A second Computer input or a Ipad input. For your information Blackmagic Design makes a number of these devices all the way up to 4K playback for Live TV.

Lesson One What is the Hyperdeck Mini?

Released May 25th at 5:15PM

Lesson Two: May 27th

Lesson Three: May 29th

Lesson Four May 31st

Lesson Five: June 2nd

Lesson Six: June 4th:

Special Bonus Video Recorded Live on Tuesday June 8th at 4:00 PM (PST) on YouTube.

Bonus Video recorded Live Tuesday June 8th then edited for release:

MixEffect is an amazing application that you can purchase for the IPad and Iphone and now use it to control the HyperDeck Mini.

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