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HyperDeck Mini Motion Graphics Video Play & Recording for LIVE EVENTS!

It's not the average conversation around the staff meeting table these days unless your are a production company or perhaps a TV Broadcast team. This is 2021 and that is not going to cut it. So, pull up a chair and check out this new video series. I have hours in research , thousands invested now and a YouTube Channel that share it all. I am just hoping for your Subscription, Share and Like if you do! The HyperDeck Mini is a great tool for Home Studios, Live Events, Churches, Schools, YouTubers, Live Streamers!

What is it and why would I need it?

So to understand this tool you first need to understand why and what! The Why is recording and playback as well as the ability to produce a key and Alpha Channel. Also to have it integrate with your software and hardware switcher is priceless. Cue clip and hit Auto Dissolve or Cut to the assigned channel and the video clip or graphic clip rolls...... Transition back and cue new clip. If you have more than one HyperDeck you can then cut to the new clip and it will roll. The other feature is this thing called an Alpha Channel and that's a layer the plays under the main graphic that creates a better crisper edge and more. So hook up the SDI A and the SDI B (Alpha Channel) outputs and your ready to play graphics with an Alpha Channel embed in your video file.

When the company Blackmagic Design came out with a affordable 4 HDMI Switcher in November 2019 and started delivering around the world in 2020 it was perfect for what the world was going to need to stream like it would never imagine it would! Very soon after when I discovered video on YouTube about it this new switching device ATEM MINI under $300.00 (US) they came out with a more featured packed version the ATEM MINI PRO. Now this device was far more than a Multi Camera Switching USB-C WEBCAM with the PRO you can broadcast directly from it via the Network and it has a render engine built in. High Definition Video (1080P h264 Codec) and the ability to do still's and static lower thirds with their control software.... WOW. Wait there is more.... It will record the program view via the USB C port, it comes with a UPSTREAM and DOWNSTREAM KEY for graphics, green screen keying and picture in picture. Up until then there was nothing even close to it's price available. The Pro version is a game changer less than 4 months latter. Also check out the ATEM MINI ISO version available now. It ads the added ability to record all four video sources, also the Media Player and it will compile a complete file ready for you to edit out your LIVE PRODUCTION Mistakes in Davinci Resolve.

The HyperDeck Mini is a recorder/player/ animated graphics player with the Alpha channel hooked up. Because it adds these features that are not available in the three ATEM's it's the missing piece and and an important addition. It's just one product in a line now that includes 3 other higher end HyperDeck models. It replaces the old decks in studios like I used over 28 years ago that were huge tape based decks. With the two front panel SD card slots you don't have to mess with large tapes any longer. In this digital age things are higher definition as well as compact and less expensive. You can record up to 4k 30 frames per second and the SDI only input is 3G/6G compatible. With the two SD slots you get limitless recording. How? You fill the first card and it switches to the next card automatically with no frame drops. Then just swap out the full card before card two is full. Then continue that process when card two fills up and switches back the the new card one.

In addition to the ability to power it over a powered ethernet switch (via a ethernet cable) you can also remotely control it from a Deck and the free Blackmagic Design Control software. Add it as a outside play source in the Blackmagic Design Control Software set the input in you Switcher (like the ATEM MINI/PRO & ISO Switchers and you can Play ,Record, Rewind, Choose New clips all from the software or the controls on the front. It even has a jog wheel for frame by frame scrolling or hit the jog button twice and now you can go fast forward or back. It even has a very small preview LCD Display on the front panel. To learn more check out my YouTube Playlist were I demonstrate it working, playing graphics and videos in conjunction with my. Cons are it comes with no power cord so make sure you check out my second link her for a bargain version that comes with a starter kit for the same price.

HyperDeck Studio Starter Kit

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