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High Key Photography and Green Screen Demo

Are like me learning something about photography or videography because it’s a passion? Perhaps your like many of my friends in business you have a desire to display your products the way you see online as you shop on Amazon. I noticed this technique on Apple’s videos over the years as well as other spots. I ordered a white background took my first photos and either had a way overexposed image it a overexposed background and a underexposed image. I thought to myself

, “Why is this so hard?” After hours of bad photos, I went online... You have to be kidding me I said, the are are cheating! Using Adobe Lightroom to create a pure white background? Well I also learned how to do it In cameras as they say. The first step is to evenly light your background so that it’s exposed properly and that true with green screen as well. The key green screen and other backgrounds like pure white is to have the background as even around your subject as possible. I’m video you may have to have a larger proper exposed area if they are moving around in the video!!!!

Then after you have the white background exposed correctly you light the subject. In High Key photography you are looking for a low contrast photo usually and if it has a reflective surface you would want to position your light to get the reflections just right. I did a Demo of High Key Photos with my Son Nathan as well as a Green Screen Trick. I hope you enjoy the video. Please consider Subscribing to the YouTube Channel for many more videos like this one!

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