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Father and Son PC Challenge...I loose!

I have been a PC Gamer for many years from back in the days of the the PC adventure games like "Day of the Tentacle" when it was first released by Lucas Arts. Way back in the 80's I played some word adventure games on a old XT computer. Let's just say a lot has changed. In the early 2000's I started a recording studio in my house and I moved from PC to MAC. Truth be told I always kept a PC around to play games on. I also watched as the PC's got faster and the video cards could do amazing graphics. Over time the cost of a high end MAC jumped over 6-7K and I felt that was ridiculous. I saw that you could purchase a screaming PC for far less. It was time to make a change.

When we built our new house in 2017 I wanted a PC built to specs so I did what we do now and checked out about 100 YouTube video's on every type PC and Laptop you could imagine. It was there that I found out about a company called NZXT. Many people moved from PC to XBOX and PLAYSTATION but I have always seen the best graphics in a PC. Don't get me wrong I will give it to these game system companies they have some games available only on their systems so even I have a X-Box one in my Studio but it's not able to do what my PC can do but for the money it's not bad. SO for video production and some very occasional gaming these days I needed a new PC so I contacted NZXT and had them build a INTEL I-9 beast with 32 gigs of ram and the best NIVIDIA Video card that was available at the time "the EVGA GEFORCE RTX 2080 TI and WOW it could game like no other.

Now to my Son's story. He is my youngest of four and the only one at home. He has seen his dad game from the minute he was born and he started playing Minecraft online and then first person shooters. He purchased a nice Alienware laptop a little bey before my NZXT order and when he is not hanging out with friends doing Zoom college he is most likely in his room team gaming. So fast fromward to December 2020 and now it's his turn to spec out a gaming beast. I got to be a part of my son's decisions as we specked out his build together. Then the hard part getting a money saver to break open his piggy bank and order his own Bigger and Better PC from NZXT.

Now my computer has it's own family in the house sporting fast cards and cool LED Lights both sporting Kraken Water Coolers. My little NZXT tower can sit softly in the white/blue shadow of my son's New PC. I must say it makes me kind of proud that we have this huge thing in common. Want to see the hole thing go down? Check out the Unboxing Video. When I released this video I had no idea how popular it would be, that it would eclipse all my other videos and receive almost 1200 views in 20 days. NZXT has become huge in the gaming world. Just like me these folks are on YouTube looking for answers and what people think is the cool product and who and why!

So my son and I got together and I became a producer for him and we did an unboxing video. From the FEDEX PACKAGE arrival and the look on his face... yes, all the way up to him in his room playing his first online game. We took a look at his gaming set up before and after all the way to him gaming on the new PC. He actually surprised me with his on screen talent as we shot in his room and in my home studio & game room. Check out the video "Unboxing NZXT Powerhouse PC" on the link bellow. Subscribe to our channel and see more videos like this one. Video Link to the Unboxing:

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