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Does Lighting Matter?

When I started down the road of photography, I was already shooting videos on my front porch with a very high-end video camera. That camcorder was a Panasonic HMC 150 video camera at and it was loaded with pro features. Yet, I let the camera's auto features do all the work. It would auto focus, change the aperture as well as crank up the censor’s ability to expose for bad light. I would just turn it on set to auto and hope for the best. In fact, on shot many of those early videos outdoors. It was nice to not worry about the end results. Yet, I noticed issues with quality and even grainy footage mostly in shadows and on the dark shoots.

Over time I learned, in my online photography classes that Light matters. My teacher in that series said this, when we shoot a picture, we are shooting light. In that class I learned that "Shutter Speed" impacts how much light comes in a camera and a camcorder. The lens allows light in, and the "Aperture" is how wide open that lens can be and that impacts how much light you have hitting the sensor (or film). That was just two major impacts on light in a shot. The better the light the more you can do to enhance the subject of the photo or video.

Over time I have invested in lights. I have many choices now. I even have ways of using sunlight outdoors. How in some shoots I have sunlight or even moonlight coming through a window I can now reflect that light in a different direction or soften it? Yes, now I even use lights to simulate sunlight or moonlight through a window. My point is that I now know that Light for photos and video matter.

We have seen flashes go off at events, concert stages flooded with colors and spots and now days strobes. We have used light in offices, at our places of business. We set up mood lights in our houses, candlelight on our tables and we warm ourselves with a wash of light at a campfire. Yes, we even have looked at jewelry in a case with light that makes it sparkle. In fact, our eyes are taking in light and adjusting all the time. Your eyes rely on light and so does every camera and it does not matter if it's on our phone or a professional camera/camcorder.

On my channel I spend some time on light but the more I think about this topic the more I want to learn and share with others. In a recent Live stream, I spoke about light and happened to have a pro show up in the chat and compliment me on my lighting and that made a huge impact on the time and effort I have spent. How about you? What does the video look like in your photos and videos? How about the Zoom Call or the Google Meetings? Perhaps you need a lighting update in your studio, business, or event location. I hope these videos on my channel help. Until next time, " I will keep a light on for you...... or on you :)!

Another Video from my Channel on Lighting:

Lighting for Green Screen:

Some great Lights for offices and for Live Streaming or Video Conferences.

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