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DJI MIC Kit and RodeCaster Pro II

DJI MIC KIT Close Look Video

I love this new tool as well as how well it will integrate with my Iphone my Cameras as well as my RodeCaster Pro II. It will not only be an amzinbg addition for mobile it will add the wirelsss ability to have a guest and great audion using my Iphone, Camera input or in the my home studio using the RodeCaster Pro II or I can go durecgt into one of the Two mic inputs in the ATEM MINI EXTREME ISO. Wow i wish I had this two years ago! The Kit sound amazing and if you have line of sire it will reach a long ways. To learn more jolin me live in the studio Tuesday August 2nd at 4PM (PST) and check out my new video on the DJI Mic Kit as I cover the featires and testr the reach in the below video!

LIVE look at the Rodecaster Pro II and the DJI Microphone Kit

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