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Display Chat Live on YouTube!

It's been a journey streaming Live each week on YouTube and building the channel including gaining Subscribers along the way. I always knew Chat Display was coming for my channel but the journey for me was not easy. That's why I wanted to share these Tips and Tools with you. Why should you struggle like I did? I think not. So get your mouse ready and hot cup of something tastey! Let's Get going!

I hope this 5 part video series will helps you be able to Stream Live on YouTube and with a touch of this little Wacom Pen or your a click of your mouse you will be able to have Chat Up Live Show in no time!

Part One Intsall the Free Chrome Chat Extension

Part Two Pop Out Chat and Copy Link

Part Three: Use OBS to Display Chat Full Screen

Part Four: Use a Key to Display Chat

Part Five: Control Chat In Live Stream

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