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DECKSAVER COVERS... Why I use them..

ve I have expensive electronic gear in my "Life's Journey Production's" Studio and I have learned my lesson over the years. That lesson is: things get dusty and then audio channel sliders as well as buttons can stop working correctly. In a Sound Console like my Rodecater Pro dust and other things that get inside have and will create BIG Issues.

That's why I have now invested in not one, not two but now three of these DeckSaver covers in my studio. THis video focuses on my latest cover for the Blackmagic Design ATEm MINI EXTREME ISO, so let's Un-bag it and then take a very short/fast look at it and the three covers now and the pieces of gear I cover in my Studio.

These covers protect gear from all the dust that is in the air and is landing every minute of every day. Also this video has a little "shout out" to the YouTube Growth Algorithm and in no way is this moment of humor directed towards any of my current Subscribers on my YouTube Channel. If you like the video let's give it a BIG THUMBS UP and if you have not already Please Subscribe! If you want an alerts for my next video then Ring the Bell and you will be invited to my next video by the Amazing Minds at YouTube.

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