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Canon EOS R external 4K Recording?

The fun thing about getting a new camera is the adjustment you make to the new features. I enjoy the process like a new toy on Christmas (most of the time) It stretches you to grow and expand. My Canon 5D Mark IV recorded 4K and Raw Video inside but you only get 1080P HD out of the HDMI output. Also these Canon Cameras stop recording after 29 minutes and 59 seconds inside the camera. My new Canon EOS R does the same thing when you record inside the camera. The great news is the Canon EOS R Canon first ProSumer Mirrorless Camera has 4K out of the HDMI Port and you can even record RAW uncompressed video. It also will not time out when just streaming the video out of the HDMI. Reminder that: (4K has a crop factor of 1.8) What's a crop factor? It's using only part of the sensor so the picture gets cropped in so a wide lenses is needed to compensate for this.

In my studio and for remote shooting the solution for me is to be able to record from my Canon EOS R for LIVE STREAMS and LIVE EVENTS at 4K to my Hyperdeck Mini by Blackmagic Design. The Hyperdeck can record up to 2960P 4K up to 30 frames per second continuous with the two SD slots. These two SD Slots in the Hyperdeck Mini switch once one disk is full, then while you are still recording you can remove the full card dump the video and replace it for non stop recording at 2060P 30 frames per second at 4.2.2. This is huge things for Live Events, Live Streaming and general recording as well as Video Podcasts. These are all things I am very much involved in.

So for $145.00 US, I picked up a Blackmagic Design HDMI to SDI 6G Convertor to record from my Canon EOS RF HDMI Port to the SDI 6G in Port on the Hyperdeck. I hope you will visit and Subscribe to our email list here at and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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