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Aputure Video and Photography Lights.

Updated: May 6, 2022

I have not had any Aputure Lights in my studio but I have had my eye on a few. They are the Small RGB and Bi Color Aputure MC Lights and their Unique Bulb Light called the Accent B7C and they both work in the Sidus Link Application. I now have Four Aputure MC Lights and each when you purchase them seperate come with a Zip canvas case a rubber Soft Box and a couple small sections of strong Velcro adhesive. They are great lights and they charge via a USB C port they also have a built in battery that they tout is good in heat. So unless you climb a few steps above 113 Degrees Fahrenheit or 40 Degrees Celsius you will be fine. but they also charge wirelessly on and phone type charger. They have very strong magnets on the back and that's a BIG BONUS FEATURE. Aputure offers two kits with charging cases a Four Aputure MC Charging Case Kit and a Twelve Light Charging Case Kit. The down side is for some reason APuture Decided to not give you softboxes for all lights in the kit. IN fact in the Four MC light Kit you

only get Two and a couple small ball heads and that's cool but I wanted softboxes and you so far can't order them as an accessory so where did all the extras go? Also in the Twelve Light Charging Case kit you get more power options and small drawer built in for the supplies but again only four soft boxes. That is why I decided to Build my

Then this July I also added a Aputure Accent B7C Bulb Light and I have to tell you I'm impressed. It also has a built in battery like the Aputure MC Mini LED RGB bi-color lights. It also has three buttons on the side to control some features but color modes are controlled totally from the Sidus Link Application. If you would like to know more about these lights please visit my YouTube Channel, Subscribe and Ring the Bell for more great videos on products like these. I have a Unboxing video coming soon on the Aputure Accent B7C so check that out on the channel as well. Thanks for listening and happy Photography and Videography!

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