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101 on Day One of 2021! Thank You!

I had a goal this year but I got a late start and that was to take my Home Studio and start building my YouTube Channel. I have already been hard at work on my wife's YouTube Channel "More About Birth" but I needed to take some dedicated time and start my own channel for Video Production/Live Streaming/Photography. I've done a few videos but to build a channel like I want it takes at least one Video a week or MORE.

So, I decided three months ago it was time to get cracking and started working at it every week. I told my wife with the late start I would like to hit 100 Subscribers by the end of 2020. New Years Eve came and that evening I shared with her how close I was. That night I had reached 97 Subscribers but as the night came to an end and so did 2020, I went to bed just short of my goal. Missed it by That......

Then it happened, I checked again on January 1st around 10:00 AM and "POW" 101 on Day One of 2021. In fact 50 of those Subscribers joined the channel in the past 28 days. So, I decided that I liked it ending that way....101 by day One of 2021. I like the sound of that!

So, why blog about it? Well, a lot has changed in the past 11 months in our world as you know "O" so well. I am just like many others, I had to change with the times. Video production, Social Media, Podcasts and Content in our market stopped for me. I decided to focus in on "Live Streaming" and because the things I purchased to broaden my tools and skills took 100's of hours of research. Then many more hours learning (mostly on YouTube) and hands on in the studio to use them.. I felt I had something to contribute as well. Not just Unboxings and Reviews of what I think but these tools. IK wanted to give even more. What and How I use these tools in my Home Studio. How these tools work together. Questions I had like what Camera will work for all these things I do. How do you set up, record and distribute a Podcast (just wait that video is coming).

So as I take time to I pray that I will be outdoors shooting videos again soon, as well as helping others. I want to share "A BIG THANK YOU" for you YouTube Consumers, Likers, Other Mentors and especially those who have Subscribed to my channel.Thank You!!!!!

I am very Thankful for I all the amazing things I have learned on YouTube and how it has helped me make good product choices as well as even how to use those products when they came in a UPS or Fedex package. Thank you fellow YouTubers, Peter, Matti, Sam, Jerred, Potato Jet and JayzTwoCents (that's for real). as well as so many, many others who have helped me on my journey and now I join the club. I hope someday I can contribute like them. Before I forget to this YouTube Subscriber who goes by: XLCNav who wrote this today: This is one of the most practical and comprehensive presentation on Mini Pro. Thanks Keith for your effort! It is really appreciated! I learned a lot.

I wrote this back: Wow! ... thank you! That made my day! Happy New Year! Hope you visit again for the next video! Keith

In reference to this video: Part Three ATEM MINI PRO and HYPERDECK MINI

Happy 2021 Everyone. Let's get Cracking 364 Days Left to be Creative and Someone to help along the way!

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