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Home Livestream Studio vs Large Venue Live Streaming

I had the privilege to go behind the scenes at the Garden Tri-Cities and to talk with both the associate pastor who coordinates these amazing teams and the man who puts it all together. We talked about the journey from the very start of using video in the service up to today 2021. Stephen Fields shares with me the lessons learned and insights along their journey.

What I learned talking with them both and even being backstage at a LIVE SERVICE that it was an amazing thing to behold. Stephen shares the importance of their team and that they decided to, "GO BIG or GO HOME' in 2021. It was eye opening to see what goes into these "Live Events" and the details that go into streaming them. Seeing the amazing Team at work and all the individual pieces that goes into the production. Part One focuses on Team and Pieces after being back stage week one

There is a differences between my home studio for Live Streaming and what it takes to set it up and staff it for a Large Venue. Many venues are looking to stream now because of the size of crowds due to the social distancing in our world today. Grow and learn with me on my YouTube channel. Join me Live weekly.

Click on the videos below and listen to this interview as well as see some of the behind the scenes photos. Thanks Garden Tri-Cities! Also check out Part Two: My Interview with Stephen Fields in March 2021 Part Two on what I learned from being with them Thursday and again on Sunday week Two.

Part One: A look at the differences from Home and Live Streaming Large venues

Part Two: Interview with Stephen Fields on location as well as my thoughts.

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